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Naruto Basketball
Mikey:In the Home Team Kakashi,Neji,Gaara,Shikamaru annnnnnnnnnnnnd Sasuke. In the Visitor team Guy,Lee,Kiba,Shino annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Naruto. The jump off Guy and Kakashi is in their posision, oh wait their are no fouls all of the players can use their moves(crowd goes wild)except for travelling fist to get 30 wins the game, okay where are we..........oh yeah the game starts Kakashi gets the tap<br />
Guy:Shit <br />
Mikey: It goes to Shikamaru the Home team is in possession of the ball he passes it to Gaara....Naruto steels the ball, Visitors in possession Naruto goes for a lay-up......Ouch!!! Sasuke uses chidori on him<br />
Naruto:crap<br />
Mikey: Naruto hardly fell on the ground stands up but falls to his knees, Neji gets the rebound dribbles it closer to the net goes for a three but Guy uses dynamic entry on him........ oh Kakashi stopped Guy from attacking Neji by using sharingan and copying Guy&#039;s dynamic entry Guy falls on his back<br />
Guy:FUCK!!!<br />
Mikey: Okay Neji got to shoot the three, so now it is 3-0 the home team is now leading now Guy goes for the inbound Naruto is now back in play so Guy passes the ball to him Naruto dribbles the ball Sasuke blocks his way<br />
Naruto: I bet you 10,000 you won&#039;t beat us.<br />
Sasuke:Don&#039;t get too cocky.<br />
Mikey: Naruto passes it to Lee goes for the 2 but Sasuke uses his fireball jutsu but Lee dodges it shoots again and gets the 2 the score is now 3-2 the home team still leads the game Shikamaru goes for the inbound passes it to Sasuke dribbles the ball Guy goes in front of him Sasuke passes it to Gaara, Gaara shoots but Kiba runs towards him but suddenly stops Shikamaru just used his jutsu and Gaara hits the 3 the score now is 6-2.<br />
<br />
To be continued.....

by Ryen13Dizon
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 368
Property: Naruto