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Naruto`s Rouge ninja life
As you know if you ever read my first fanfic that naruto became a rouge ninja and it was stated that he killed the nine tailed fox and here`s that story.<br />
<br />
Naruto one day while he was passing through a ramen store started to cry only rememebering the ramen he used to eat with Iruka then naruto feels in his body the power of the fox breaking through.He runs from the ramen store which was in the Hidden Star Village into there forest trying to control the spirit but then all of a sudden his eyes turn red and a red chakra aura starts to grow from his back 3 tails had grown and he had only seen 2 on his rouge ninja trip.So then he feels a fourth begin to grow,so then he thinks of all the jutsus he learned on his rouge ninja life.And the one that comes up was:Ninja Art Inner Mind insert Jutsu.So he uses it and inside his is face to face with the fix himself.All he could think about is that this was the power that killed Sauske and his rage takes over.He howls a viscious howl at the fox who says how could you be mad at me when you needed me or you would have been dead.Naruto says you bastard you made me kill sauske now i`m gfoing to kill you.Fox:I`d like to see you try you pour defenseless bastard.Naruto:Let this be our final encounter.Fox:Begin.Naruto then strikes with a dangerous rasengan but the fox counter with a rasengan of his own.Fox:every move you`ve learned i`ve learned as weel.Naruto indenial says you`re a liar i will kill you you son of a bitch.This fight like no other fight rages on for hours with every strike naruto throws the fox counters with the same move better.Naruto completely at his limit can`t possibly continue to fight.Fox:You are weak you little boy.You still are as weak as when you discovered about me admit it you still need me.Naruto mabye he is right Pervy Sage what would you do.f course.Hey Fox there`s one move you`ve never seen me do.Fox:Thats a lie if your hands did it I know it you bastard.Naruto thinking: I hope this works Pervy sage here we go Ninja Art ultimate Wind Water and Fire`s Sealing Jutsu.Fox:Ha thats not your tech thats that perverts tech you can`t do it.Naruto in the eyes of the fox turns into the 4th you can do anything you put your mind to.Fox:He looks like that bastard foruth hokage.What I can`t feel my body.Naruto its over aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.Fox nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.Naruto then get out of his body with the fox completly sealed in the deaths of hell saying mabye I should go back to the village now.I`m pretty sure they won`t mind a visit from an old friend.<br />
<br />
Thats wher the story ends for now..........................

by NarutoKhirey2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 416
Property: Naruto