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A Flamin' Story Part 12- It was you
Naruto charged angrily towards his friends with tremendous speed.Soon he was in front of Sakura. He threw a punch but Sakura dodged and held him in a tight lock-hold. "Naruto,forgive us,we were wrong to blame you!"Sakura pleaded but Naruto was so furious that he broke free of her hold. "I'll never forgive you!!!"Naruto roared as he gave Sakura a terrible blow that sent her flying. She flew for quite a distance and crashed into the wall and lost consciousness.

Then Naruto turned to face Neji.Well Neji knew that the best defence was a good offense so he charged in to attack Naruto."Jyuu Kenhou!Hakke Rokkujyuu yonshou!"Neji called as he gave Naruto sixty-four hits that rendered him immobile."Naruto listen!You are our friend.We know we were wrong but you need to forgive us"Neji said. "I don't remember.And even if I did...I'D NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!!"Naruto roared releasing a huge amount of energy and overcoming the paralysis in the process. He charged on Negi and knocked him with two of his tails. Neji flew into the air an hit the ground hard. "H-Hinata run,he's not the same...Naruto,"Neji said weakly as he lost unconsciousness.

Then Naruto turned to face Hinata.She stood there paralyzed more by shock than by fear.Naruto stood still watching her with a look of fury in his eyes. "What have you done to Naruto!Sasuke!"Hinata yelled. "Me?I've done nothing.Do you remember the tales of the day the demon fox attacked our village?When the Fourth Hokage sacrificed his life to seal the Kyuubi in a newborn child who had just had his umbilical cord cut?Well that child is...Naruto"Sasuke said with a sly smile. "Naruto?!You're lying!"HInata screamed. "Then can you explain the tails and whiskers or would you rather call it a Christmas costume?"Sasuke joked.

"Why don't you run?!"Naruto snarled."I'm not afraid of you Naruto.I know you and this isn't you.You are a very kind person and I know you can overcome this so please fight it Naruto!"Hinata cried.But in the next instant Naruto's hands were wrapped tightly around his neck and she was lifted off the ground.She gasped for air. "I DON'T WANT TO FIGHT IT!I WANT TO FIGHT YOU!!!"Naruto roared."Naruto..."Hinata gasped for air.Her vision was beginning to blur.

"You were smiling...so I smiled too,
I was always looking to you for strength
Not knowing that my greatest weakness was you.
It was you,it was you...
And it was you"
Hinata struggled to sing.Naruto opened his eyes in surprise as he remembered the beautiful girl at the waterfall.Next he recalled Hinata giving him some food."Wow,your cooking tastes great!You'd make a good wife Hinata!"He recalled his words to her. "Why don't you say something?!It's making those of us watching angry!"Naruto remembered his words to Hinata during the chuunin exams when Neji was beating her badly then all his memories came rushing back to him and he realized that he was strangling Hinata. He left her and caught her in his arms. "I'm so sorry Hinata"he wept. "I'm glad you're back"Hinata said as she lost consciousness.

Naruto turned to face Sasuke."I'll deal with you later"he said as he made two shadow clones to carry Sakura and Neji."Too bad.You were much more fun when you were beserk"Sasuke said.Naruto and his clones left the Akatsuki hideout with Hinata,Sakura and Neji. They headed back to the Thieves' hideout.


by LegendaryLordVega
Written: 2 years ago
Views: 1,162
Property: Naruto