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The dieing friendship
Note:this begians in a romantic place aka @cherry blossom trees
Sakura:-wakes up in the bright light of the sun-
Sasuke:-walking up the stairs ready to kill Sakura-
Naruto:-at romen shop-
Hinata:-walks up the same stairs that Sasuke had taken then notices Sasuke going towards Sakura-
Sakura:-notices Sasuke-smiles-good morning Sasuke.....-notices the kunai knife in his hand-
Sasuke:-grins in a crazie way-PREPARE TO DIE SAKURA!!!
Hinata:-runs toward sakura screaming-LET HER GO!!!!!!!
Naruto:-hears all the racket then runs-
Sakura:-too afraid to move-
Hinata:MOVE SAKURA!!!!!!!!!
Sasuke:-stabs her-
Naruto:-comes runing with a bowl of romen-WHATS ALL THE RACKET!-notices Sakura bleeding-

by Arlenn_aka_Temari
Written: 2 years ago
Views: 1,204
Property: Naruto