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The dieing friendship part 2
Sasuke:-hits naruto on the head-YOU STUPID FOUL!
Sakura:-snaps out of the mind blowing event then bleeding heals herself-
Hinata:-looks at naruto laying on the floor-NARUTO-KUN!
Sasuke:-slaps Sakura-STOP THAT YOU BITCH!-then gets Hinata by the neck-
Naruto:-wakes up-HINATA!-looks at Sasuke holding her by the neck-LET GO OF HER!-uses resengan-
Sasuke:-grins-no!-uses chidori-NO!
Sakura:-grabs sasuke-STOP!!!
To Be Continued...

by Arlenn_aka_Temari
Written: 2 years ago
Views: 1,084
Property: Naruto