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the untold story part twelve
as soon as kagome said that, sakura ran up to her. &quot;what is it sakura?&quot; kagome asked. &quot;lady tsunade wants you for a mission.&quot; sakura said. as soon as kagome got up, she teleported to the hokage&#039;s office. &quot;what is the mission?&quot; she asked. &quot;you are going after orochimaru.&quot; tsunade said. &quot;you need to kill him and kabuto but not saskue. try and bring him back.&quot; &quot;you are letting me go alone?&quot; kagome asked. &quot;yes i think you can do it.&quot; tsunade said. &quot;just do not let naruto know. he will want to go with you and i do not think he can handle it.&quot; after tsunade said that, kagome teleported to a dark area. i hope i can do this she thought to herself. all of a sudden a figuer appears out of the darkness. &quot;so why are you here?&quot; a voice said. &quot;well,&quot; kagome said. &quot;you must be saskue uchiha.&quot; &quot;how do you know my name?&quot; he asked. &quot;i am supost to bring you back to the leaf village.&quot;<br />
<br />
to be continued...

by mangaluver13
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 206
Property: Naruto