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Itachi Reborn the Final chapter
As Kakashi notices what has happen he studders as he spits the words out.
Kakashi"you.......you have the nine tailed jinchuuriki..... sealed inside of you now"
itachi"whats wrong Kakashi your not scared are you"
then Itachi uses his mangekyo sharingan on kakashi
Kakashi is surrounded by clones of Itachi as the huge nine tailed fpx appear behind him. The nine tailed fox then crushes Kakashi with its claws.
Sakura and sai show up to Kakashis wails of pain.
Sakura"itachi you shall pay for what you have done"
Sakura focuses all her power into a great smack to the ground. The power shook the ground within a five mile radus.
Itachi quickly fanishes from site. Itachi appears behind Sakura and uses his shadow clone bomb justsu. The huge explosion goes off and a massive crater is left. Sakura down in the bottom stone dead. Sai hit with the shock of the explosion. blow back against a tree. Itachi's hands suddenly come out of the tree reaching for Sai. Sai jumps out of the way.
Sai throws all he has into one drawing. It takes off at Itachi crushing him. Sai out hales in relief. Then Itachi's body goes up in smoke.
Sai"A CLONE!!!"
Itachi appears in front of Sai and stabs him directly in the heart.
Itachi" Now die"
Sai flys down and smacks the ground. not moving.
Itachi starts to walk away.
Itachi"Now the hidden leaf then the world"
all of a sudden Naruto comes out of the sky and other clones coming at itachi from all directions. Itachi's eys widen in astonishment.
they all hit him at once. Itachi lands on the ground. Narutos clones grab all his limbs and keep him held to the ground. The real Naruto limps toward itachi.
Naruto" its pay back time"
naruto grabs a kunie and stabs itachi's stomach as a great red light beams into naruto. Naruto with the ora of the nine tailed fox all around him he roars with might. the ora spreads across the land and brings Sai, Sakura, and Kakashi back from the dead. They all meet up at the same spot. Naruto past out on the ground. Kakashi smile picks naruto up and They walk away into the sun set>
THE END.............

by JoeyMcC07
Written: 2 years ago
Views: 2,524
Property: Naruto