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"The Tales Of Uzumaki..." part 8
Orochimaru got away while in the leaf he didnt die, im sorryy needed an idea and sorry for the mixup in the last chapter about him too.

Why was it so easy to kill Orochimaru? at the same time, Sasuke wondered that to.
"Sasuke, do you have a feeling..."
"that it was to easy?" Sasuke finished his sentence.
"Yeah. For now, lets just leave it as is."
"Okay...So wanna go to your dad's Secret Office?"
they both knew the plan without planning it. The real orochimaru was going to follow them, when they get to Jiraiya, he finishes Orochimaru off with Yondaime with him. These two, no matter how much arguments, fights, and dissagreements were half brothers in both of their eyes.

As they went to the Hokage mansion following Jiraiya, they caught up to him, and orochimaru was in disguise as a frowning Gai sensei. They caught up to Jiraiya, and told him about Orochimaru, and then also got up to Minato, and they told him about Orochimaru. So either way, Orochimaru was going to die. they all dissapeared as Orochimaru took the bait, and Naruto, Jiraiya, and Minato all formed a rasengan.

"Super Rasengan!!!!" They all shouted. while Kakashi caught up, they all aimed the ninjutsu at Orochimaru. For sure, the village noticed. But what Jiraiya, Kakashi, and Minato didn't know what to reaction would be with the combination. it created a small crater in the sidewalk, tearing up part of the bridge near the water flow. People didn't get hurt, but Orochimaru was gone, obliviated.(shred, made into ashes..)

"You two... I could see both of you, in the future.. leading the village together.. As best friends, or another thing... both enemies, both fighting for eachothers fate. Either way, you two are the most strongest chuunin in the village. soon, the strongest people. Now, When did you find out about my office?" minato explained.
"2 years ago..." Naruto said.
"You sneaky shinobi,"Minato said,"Haha, well, Gotta give ya creddit."
"So we're not in trouble?" Sasuke asked.
"Gooooodddd!" sasuke sighed in relief

by Narusakuforevz
Written: 2 years ago
Views: 1,455
Property: Naruto