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Naruto Prediction Chapter 577: Alone
Madara stands before the Five Kage. He looks at them all with renewed interest.

Raikage: I said it before, and I'll say it again! Don't you understand that no one here cares about your reputation?! All we see is an obstacle that needs to be overcome. You won't force us to surrender with fear! You are just another enemy.

Madara: ...

Mei: I agree with the Raikage! No matter how powerful you are, there is no jutsu for the human spirit!

Tsunade is reinvigorated with a strength far above that of her healing.

Tsunade: You were defeated once before. Why do you suddenly think it can't be done again?

She smiles bitterly for a moment.

Tsunade: You look at everything so plainly, Madara. You believe that power is comprised only of chakra and ninjutsu. The reason my grandfather was able to defeat you was not because he was stronger, which he was...it's because he had people supporting him. Look at you...you have nothing. As a result, you are nothing.

Madara does not respond.


Madara is lying in bed. He is screaming in agony, and vigorously attacks his own eyes. There is blood everywhere. Medics try to calm him down, but he pushes them all away.

Madara: Get the f**k away from me!

Several feet away, a man watches. His arms are crossed, and he is filled with infinite sorrow and pain. It is Izuna. He whispers to one of the medical ninja.

Izuna: Isn't there anything you can do?

Medical Nin: ...No. It's...over for him. He's delirious, he's in pain...he's dying.

Izuna (adamant): I refuse to accept that! You heal him, or I'll...

The medic is pensive. Suddenly, an idea comes to him.

Medical Nin: Well, there...might just be something we can do. Another healer, like us. But he's far superior than any of us in the field. The only problem is, he has no allegiance to any one clan. Finding him is going to be as difficult a task as any.

Medical Nin: Furthermore, what he would have to do would involve sacrifice. You...understand, don't you?

Izuna: Yes. What is his name? I will find him.

The medic places his mouth next to Izuna's ear.

Medical Nin (whispering): (unintelligible)

Two days later...

Madara weakly extends his right arm to Izuna's face. His hand settles directly over Izuna's eye.

Madara: Forgive me...

It is impossible to tell if the eyes were given willingly, or if they were taken by force.


Madara's Rinnegan shines with hatred.

Madara: You Kage cannot win here.

Gaara: You say that you're merely testing your abilities, Uchiha Madara. Yet you fail to realize that we're doing the same. The fight was never furious...until now.

Tsunade seizes the initiative, and summons Katsuyu.

Tsunade: Katsuyu, we can't waste a second! It's time to enter Slug Mode!

Katsuyu: Understood.

Katsuyu divides rapidly, and surrounds Tsunade's entire body. Tsunade releases chakra, and suddenly the slugs are absorbed. Tsunade's entire appearance changes, and a coat of chakra protects her, almost like Susanoo.

Tsunade: Your status as an Edo Tensei allows you to regenerate from any attack. Well, my Slug Mode allows me to do the same. And if you should so happen to attack my comrades, I can heal them just by being near them; this protective layer of chakra is self-replicating. We will never lose endurance.

All the Kage are replenished. Madara, meanwhile, notices a frightening effect of Tsunade's Slug Mode.

Madara: That energy of hers...it's draining Susanoo dry.

Madara's ultimate defense sluggishly persists, but Tsunade's energy proves to be too great. Madara makes a hand seal; he places more chakra into the technique, and suddenly a newer form develops.

It withstands Tsunade's Slug Mode, and is considerably larger. It towers above everyone, almost like Gedo Mazo. It wields two flaming swords, and in its third hand, carries a Demon Realm laser.

The Kage begin their assault. Tsunade leaps and prepares to shatter Susanoo with her fist, but one of its swords descend with the intention of cutting her in half. The Raikage responds, and charges with a hand powered by Lightning. He intervenes and destroys one of the swords.

His hand, however, is burning. Being near Tsunade heals it, though.

Raikage: I have perfected the Hell Stab, and it surpasses that of my father's!

Madara, seeing that he is overwhelmed, resorts to other techniques.

Madara: Shinra Tensei!

Tsunade's Slug Mode is so potent that it manages to reflect the blow on Madara. He is sent flying.

Mei: Hokage, where in the world did you learn this?!

Tsunade: It's something I started when I was younger, but never got the chance to finish, due to the wars. Before this one, though, I had some time to perfect it, and so I did.

Onoki: I must say, Princess, I'm lost for words. As a man who saw your grandfather on the battlefield many times, I can safely say you're destined to be far stronger than him.

Onoki: I have enough chakra left for two Jinton. I'm going to finish off Madara.

Madara is lying on the ground. He finds that he cannot move.

Madara: So that's what she did...didn't really want to punch Susanoo...just wanted to get close enough so that layer of chakra would penetrate it. I even noticed what it was doing, yet didn't realize her plan. Impressive, but still not enough.

Madara activates Hungry Ghost Realm, and absorbs his own chakra. As Tsunade's crippling energy is filtered by the shield, he finds he is able to move again.

Madara: It seems I'll have to use...

The scene switches to Sasuke and Itachi.

Sasuke is still chasing Itachi.

Itachi: It doesn't matter how long you run after me. I've already ruined your life enough, and I refuse to continue to do it.

Sasuke: I don't care about any of that anymore! What is it you're running from? Are you afraid to tell me the truth?!

Itachi: I couldn't possibly fathom what it is you would want to remember from those times. Just move on...I'm not here.

Sasuke: Again with the vague remarks. Itachi, I want you stop being mysterious for a moment and tell me the truth! You've lied to me all my life...at least let me leave you in peace.

Itachi: Sasuke, just don't ask anymore questions. It won't leave you in peace. I'm telling you...though I failed as one, I'm still your older brother.

Sasuke: I can't accept that. You either tell me everything now, or I will go with you. I am stronger than you! You can't stop me!

Itachi: Why are you doing this to me? Can't you see I can't take care of you? Why do you choose to stay with me when I've taken everything from you?

Sasuke: If you really believe that, then you've been mistaken all this time. I won't leave you...how could you expect me to do such a thing? You want me turn my head, and go in the other direction, despite knowing you're right here, alive, in front of my very eyes! Nothing will make me go now!

Itachi: ...I'm not alive. Don't think that way. I can't be saved...just go before it's too late.

Suddenly, Sasuke's Susanoo appears before Itachi, preventing him from going forward. Itachi prepares to destroy it.

Sasuke: Wait. There's something I need to say to you.

The scene switches to Madara and the Five Kage. He is standing once more, and the Five Kage are doing the same. Both sides are tired, but show no noticeable injuries.

Madara: I've played around long enough. Kage, consider yourselves worthy that you are strong enough to be witnesses to this technique.

Madara raises both of his arms towards the sky. The palms of his hands are open, and they are stretched as far as they can go. The Kage look up at the sky, and see that it is completely dark. In the vast blackness there are shining lights, much bigger than stars.

Onoki: What...in the world...?!

Madara: One of the Rikudou Sennin's divine illusions. Izanami.


by Kendro
Written: 2 years ago
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