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Naruto 580: The Snake Aprentice
Kabuto has the handsign ‘’horse’’ ready, and mouths a jutsu.

Kabuto: Sage Art: Mortar Jutsu

Itachi: Sasuke get ready, this won’t be an ordinary jutsu.

The Uchiha brothers both use Susanoo. Kabuto fires a series of fire projectiles, that rain over the Susanoo’s, lodging on their bone structure.

Itachi: ( It pierced Susanoo…?)

Every single projectile explodes with a colossal blowback, blowing apart Susanoo in various locations.

Kabuto: I was there all along when you sealed Orochimaru-sama, Itachi… Susanoo is a mighty jutsu to behold, but it’s no match for me. My fire release was greatly amplified by the natural energy. I used small projectiles that would pierce Susanoo. You see, Susanoo is a great defense for all sorts of damage, however , enourmous pressure into a single point, can easily go through. Then my sage chakra encased in the projectiles expanded, and cracked all around…

Sasuke: Amaterasu!

Kabuto dodges the black flames of Amaterasu. Sasuke focuses his eyes

Sasuke: Blaze Release: Kagutsochi

The flames shape in mid-air, and separate in individual shreads that rain over Kabuto. Kabuto dodges some of the flames, and intentionally catches some. A new body is spit out of Kabuto’s burning body.

Kabuto: kukuku. In Sage Mode my speed and reaction are amazing, keep those pesky flames for yourself.

Itachi closes his eyes and looks down.

Itachi: This is so much worse than I thought. We can’t keep charging at him like this, we won’t get anywhere.

Kabuto uses two massive chakra scapels , one in each hand and charges at the brothers. Both use Susanoo, again. Several huge white snakes pull the brothers from Susanoo, from below. Itachi rapidly uses some seals; Sasuke’s EMS flashes.

Itachi: Fire Release: Grand Fireball technique

A massive fireball misses Kabuto by little, while Sasuke ignites Susanoo’s ribcage , forcing Kabuto to pull back.

Sasuke: You crawling BASTARD!

Itachi: SASUKE!

Sasuke uses his full Susanoo. He sprays Amaterasu over Kabuto, which disapears over a sea of flames. A huge pile of snakes is burning where Kabuto stood.

Itachi: What have you done?

Sasuke: He’s not dead

Kabuto: You are absolutely right Sasuke

Kabuto’s hand appears under Sasuke and slashes his leg muscles with a massive chakra scalpel. Sasuke imediatly collapses. Kabuto is some distance away from the brothers, with his hand buried in the ground.

Kabuto: As I said, there is still place for the talentless underdogs in this world. I am a researcher, none of your techniques will catch me off guard.

Itachi uses Susanoo, and uses the Yasaka Magatama. Kabuto simply liquifies, and reform; the same happens to snakes constantly around Kabuto.

Itachi: ( Those snakes… Are using his chakra. If I use genjutsu on them, I might catch him…)

Itachi: Sasuke look into my eyes.

Sasuke is caught in Itachi’s genjutsu.

Itachi: Relax Sasuke, I just want to give you a message , without him knowing. Try to use genjutsu on the snakes. I will release you now…

Kabuto: Oh… Itachi , you are really something else. Using genjutsu to talk to your brother. It is time I show you two something. Summoning Jutsu: Impure world ressurection

Two coffins are summoned and open. A woman, and a man walk out of them. The man possesses the Sharingan, however, his right eye is missing.

Itachi: You…

Sasuke: Father?Mother
Mikoto: Sasuke and Itachi? What is this…?

Kabuto: It’s the impure world ressurection

Fugaku: Sasuke is that… Mangekyou Sharingan? Did you kill Itachi?

Sasuke: I did father..

Fugaku: It would appear that the masked man managed to turn you…

Itachi: What do you know about the masked man?

Sasuke: Tobi?

Fugaku: He took my Sharingan, in the day you killed me, and…

Itachi: So you didn’t lose it during that mission? You should’ve told me that… So it starts to make sense.

Itachi, closes his eyes, once again. A tear drops. He re-opens them , in a raging face. Itachi goes full Susanoo, with the Totsuka sword held in a fighting stance, the Yata Mirror glowing. More tears roll down Itachi’s face. Sasuke looks maniacal with rage.

Kabuto: Hold your horses, I’m not done. Reptilian clone

The snakes spit out several copies of Kabuto, while the original uses some seals.

Kabuto: ( I need extra hands to control them, while I fight myself…) Summoning Jutsu: Impure world ressurection.

A total of 14 caskets are summoned. Each casket contains a member of the Uchiha clan.

Kabuto: My intention was to revive the entire Uchiha clan, however Tobi is very possessive about his Sharingans… I managed to summon the entire Konoha Police Force, your former coleagues, except Shisui… FACE YOUR DEMONS ITACHI!

by Kendro
Written: 2 years ago
Views: 9,125
Property: Naruto