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A Naru/Hina Story-Part 2
Hinata replied "ah Ko, what is it?" "Lord Hiashi was just told and I only just heard it from him myself.Lady Tsunade is resigning and Naruto is going to be the Rokudaime(4th) Hokage." Ko explained as the surprise and happiness in Hinata's face grew,"N-Naruto kun is going to... be the h-Hokage?"
with a slight blush now rose-ing on her cheeks. "yes Hinata-sama, he was dismissed from lady-Tsunade's office" "Ko, you're dismissed from me, have the rest of the day off" "a-are you sure Hinata-sama?" Ko stuttered "yes, thank you for delivering the news Ko" Hinata said with a smile and waved Ko on his way as Hinata laid down and turned her mind to naruto again (next prt 3)

by Kiamo217
Written: 2 years ago
Views: 1,111
Property: Naruto