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A Naru/Hina Story-Part 4
As the door glided open, a familiar figure appeared(albeit 10 years older), the distinct orange and black attire draping of of naruto's tall and toned structure and over it all, Naruto's sage cloak that gave him an air of power around him. "hey Hinata, come on in. what's up?" *N-Naruto-kun's inviting me in... s-stay calm* Hinata shuffled shyly in and Naruto led into the living area where they both sat down. "so what's this all about hinata?" "well Naruto-kun I-I just wanted to congratulate you on bring the n-next hokage, I know it's always been your dream" Naruto amazing smile spread from ear to ear then he said "hahaha, yeah thanks hinata, i'm guessing Ko told you?" Hinata nodded and "uh-huh"ed. "I'm glad, Hinata, because I wanted to say something to you too

by Kiamo217
Written: 2 years ago
Views: 1,195
Property: Naruto