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All About Us( Kianna and Naruto)
Ten years ago after naruto save the world from the akatsuki attack Naruto didn't know that there was someone watching him and always following him around then something special happen a beautiful girl with Black long , blue eyes, headband on the neck when naruto turn around and saw the girl for the first time he felt like he was about faint cause she was so pretty
Hi said naruto
Hi said the girl
What's your name pretty girl
It's Kianna Haru Ariu Sang and i am from sungakure the same village that Gaara is from.
Yes really
Why don't we be friends
Kianna's Point of view
Meeting this blonde kid kinda what's to make go crazy for him

by Kiannauzumaki2340
Written: 2 years ago
Views: 1,363
Property: Naruto