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Puppetress of the Sand prt. 1
I sat up and I sighed. It was still dark. I hated getting up in the middle of the night. I jumped from my bed when I heard a crash out in the hall that snapped me out of my stupor.
I activated my puppet master jutsu and I brought my two best puppets with me as I left my room and ran out into the hall. "Aunt Temari?!" I gasped when I saw her ready to attack.
The Lady was good with a fan, that I did know. But what was she fighting? I looked in the direction that she was facing and I saw an Akatsuki robe. I had been told that all of the Akatsuki organization had been anialated. Apparently, I had been told wrong. I smiled and I turned to him, "Wanna see a puppet show?"
"Kanon," Temari gasped. I grinned, "Don't worry about me, Aunt Temari. Just go and get some back up!" She nodded and ran off in the opposite direction. I pulled my arms up and my puppets rose, "Hey, you Akatsuki freak! Time to meet Black Cat and Spider."
The man gasped and then grinned, "I see...You are a puppet master of the black secret technique," He said. His voice seemed to echo with evil itself. The tone sounding as if there where two voices speaking at once. One of those voice sounded happy, and the other was one that so so full of malice that it made me shudder slightly. He chuckled and crossed his arms. "Just what I was looking for."
I glared at him with a bloodthirsty rage, "Just try and touch me! I wish you would shut up and die already!" I yelled as I crossed my arms out in front of me and I reached toward the man, making spider rush toward him.
"Children, today," he said as he dissapeared in a cloud of fog. "You are the child of the Kazekage, am I right?"
I simply turned around and slung Black Cat in his general direction, a growl of annoyance growing in my throat. Not paying attention, I was attacked from the back with and needles and I cursed aloud as agony rang throughout my body. They were poisioned!
The stranger laughed psychotically and he sounded high. Barely able to stand, I called a few sand clones, who quickly attacked him and one of them snatched his hat off of him and ran like a bat out of hell. I chuckled one last time before I fell to my knees. I tried to activate my puppet master jutsu agin, but it was obvious that this Toxin targeted Chakra. I weakly cried out in annoyance and my gaze went back to the, now no longer surronded stranger as he walked towards me.
I laughed and I coughed, "My dad'll kill you when he finds out." I looked over at an open window as a sand devil swirled around outside. "It's kinda obvious that he will, 'cause..." I lifted my right hand out towards him and the sand began to seep into the open window. "...I'm a daddy's girl."
The man gasped as the sand began to pile up on the floor I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it for much longer, so I sliced through the air with my right hand and it hit him, ripping part of his right sleeve off and then dragging the peice of cloth into my room and formed a ball around it on my desk.
I took a deep breath as he quickly closed in on me and kicked my in the face, knocking me out slightly. I am awake just long enought to hear a growl of rage from my father and a gasp of shock from Kankuro and Temari. I feel the needles ripped out of my back and I find that I can't open my eyes.
"My desk!" I yell just loud enough that they can hear me and I black out. The last thing that I heard was my father calling out my name

by rachael.reichixeru.makara
Written: 2 years ago
Views: 1,849
Property: Naruto