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I hadn’t thought about that night in about three years, why should it come up now? The boy had reminded me. The look in his eyes had brought the memory to the center of my consciousness.
The memory was a painful one, one where Sai, my friend, left me for dead, hundreds of miles from any village… or any form of civilization, for that matter. I knew that he had good reason to think I was dead. I wasn’t breathing, and my heart had stopped working all together.
It was Sai, I knew it. It had to be. No one else could have made me remember so effortlessly. I had already forgiven him. I had already gotten over it. But, still, it came up.
Once I returned to the hidden Leaf village, I was shocked that he smiled at me so warmly. It hadn’t been his typical bitter, forced, detached smile, but one that I had never seen before.
It still didn’t matter. I was now part of the ANBU special ops team, and he… a shinobi teamed up with Uzimaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, and Hatake Kakashi. We had both changed so much… I wondered if he still knew my name.
I lived about a ten minute’s walk from the village, but that ten minutes would drag on for what seemed like an eternity on the more tedious and dreadful days… like stormy, or particularly hot and humid days.
That morning, I had seen a face that I hadn’t seen for about three years. It must have been Sai.
It was Sai. There was absolutely no doubt about it. I gripped my hands into fists tight enough to turn my knuckles whiter than they already were.
Everything about me was white. My skin color and my eye color were all the exact same color. As white as snow on a fine winter day… or… not so fine.
My hair was the only thing dark about my appearance. It was obsidian black, and I always wore it up in a ponytail. My hair was pin straight when it was down, but, oh, no! When I pulled it up, my hair that was caught in the ponytail spiked up, making me look like a girl version of Nara Shikamaru.
I absolutely hated it.
Another thing that was strange about me… I was the only person on my clan to ever have the Sharingan… and what’s even odder is that I also have the Mongekyo Sharingan. It was a trait that earned me the disrespect of a certain boy known as Uchiha Sasuke.
Uchiha Sasuke was a strange kid; left a few years back after revenge. Uzimaki Naruto and Haruno Sakura are searching for him still. Don’t those two understand? If he wanted to be here, he would be.
Besides… he’s a traitor. He’d be sentenced to death... killed in front of the entire village. I always smirked at that thought.
That jerk would deserve it!
A rustle in the woods both behind and in front of me stopped me dead in my tracks. I looked around frantically, “Show yourself,” I demanded.
My only reply was a mocking laugh… a laugh that belonged to Uchiha Sasuke…
Sasuke stepped out from behind a tree and I glared at him, watching his every move. "What the hell are you doing here, traitor," I demanded, reaching for my katana, "I'm only going to say this once... Leave."
He just stared at me blankly, "And I suppose YOU'RE going to stop me? What could a weakingly like y-" I had teleported behind him and pointed my katana at his back, gripping his shoulder with my free hand, and ready to run him through and any moment. "I'm not going to say it again. Leave, or else it's not gonna be cool."
He tensed, and I smelled fear somewhere deep in his soul as I drained a bit of his Chakra and channled it into my own. I almost regretted it, mixing his dark, evil chakra with my own pure chakra. But the rush of power that came with the risk of losing my mind was... amazing. "How are yo-..."
His words stopped as I smirked and pressed the tip of my sword into his back a bit, drawing blood. He shivered slightly.
I heard a laugh echo through the words, and I found myself surrounded...
By what.... I do not know...

by LiKe_IrIs
Written: 1 year ago
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Property: Naruto