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Devon Waru (A FanFiction)
Chapter 1 Act 1, Yuhi
I'd just woken, Yesterday was a long day and today probably longer,I had been given another mission. The Hokage wanted me to find intel on a new organization. He infromed that they could pose a threat like Akatsuki had. So of course I had to follow orders so I packed for the mission bringing assortments of ninja tools. Being Kohona's 3rd strongest ninja only my brother and the Hokage are stronger then me. I prepped for the mission putting on my old anbu gear i hadn't been in it since I was 12, time flies. Now hear I am 5 years later. After putting on my anbu gear I put on my black sleek cloak slipped my arms into the sleeves and but the black hood on my head, and the mask on my face. I went to the our Kage and told him of my departure for his mission. I left at midnight, and traveled through the fire country at the border I climbed in a tree and tied my legs down and slept I awoke on sun rise. I kept going and entered the village hidden in the mist. From what the Hokage told me the organization is supposed to be called Yuhi. That's all he had told me. As I entered a man appeared before me. I stopped, he threw two kunai, I easily evaded them. He said "Your Devon Waru the assassin hidden in the leaf" I did not reply. He took out another kunai but did not throw it instead he rushed me holding it like a dagger in his right. I stepped to my right grabbed his left arm and put it behind his back. He dropped to his knees I broke his arm. He then got lose and slid across the floor and threw his kunai at me. I caught it and threw it back to his left shoulder, the kunai pierced it. He took it out and threw it on the ground. He stood up. I use Nenriki idō(literally meaning teleportation) and appeared behind with a kunai at his throat. "Are you a part of Yuhi" "Yes", he said "Tell me your goals and i'll let you live" "Your cra-" I slit his throat and he hit the ground, I grabbed his body and put him on my shoulder. I decided to give him to Ibiki and let Ibiki do the work, i'm not much of an interrogation person.

Ch.1 Act 2, will be posted 12/1/12

by Davonv2345
Written: 1 year ago
Views: 1,727
Property: Naruto