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Devon Waru II (A FanFiction)
Chapter 1, Act 1 The living dead

I entered the enormous gates of the leaf, and made my way to the interrogation corps and left the body there with Ibiki. I reported back to the Hokage on the little intel I gathered and told him what I did with the body.Then I made my way back to my house and at my door was a tall figure wearing a Midnight cloak and anbu gear. "What do you want?" I asked, being inpatient my brother had come to visit me. "I'm going on a mission." he threw back at me. "I was coming by to -" "Bye," I cut him off, I was pretty pissed on him coming by I never liked him. I opened my door then he pushed it shut. "What!" I yelled at him."Your coming with me ask Naruto if you don't believe. Get packed," he demanded. I looked at him in disgust and pushed him away from my door, then I left and went to the Hokage. When I got there he wasn't lying me and him had both been assigned a mission. "Why are you assigning me and him" I pleaded. "I need the best for this mission," I just got back from a mission. I paused, A man had been lurking behind our Kage outside the window and neither me nor Naruto sensed his chakra. Naruto looked at me and he knew what was behind him. I took out a kunai and threw it at the figure lurking behind Naruto breaking through the window. He dodged it then jumped off the balcony and disappeared Naruto stood up and looked out the window. " What did he look like," asked Naruto. My brother entered the room "Whats going on?" he asked. Naruto replied "Nothing go start your mission I want you to go to the hidden sand. There is supposed to be another Yuhi member there, Garra will have more information." "If I could dispose of one so easily why cant my brother he's stronger," I explained. "Its there leader and I dont want to take any chances so I want both of you to go," Said Naruto. So me and my brother left that night and headed to the village hidden in the sand . We arrived at the sand 2 days latter and Garra told us where the member was suppose to be, in the outskirts of the sand. So me and my brother arrived and found what Garra had described to us. There hide out, protected by a stone door. I looked at my brother and put my hand on the door. "Are you ready?" I asked. He nodded and I opened the door and we walked down the long flight of stairs, into the cavern and there was the leader. The room felt endlessly long, and at the end was the leader of the organization. The room was terribly list and he was obviously expecting us. He was dressed in uniform a clean white cloak with dark rising from the bottom of it eating at his cloak. Similar to the man I killed expect the leaders design was black instead of red. The heavy door c I turned around and saw a sealing tag on it. No way out....
"Why are you here?" said the leader in a tone that made me go numb. I looked to my brother who showed no kind of fear. Then said my brother "To kill you ofcourse" The leader of Yuhi laughed and took off his cloak and turned around. On the back of his shirt was an Uchiha Crest.

by Davonv2345
Written: 1 year ago
Views: 1,795
Property: Naruto