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Devon Waru III (A FanFiction)
Chapter 1, Act 3 Traitor

I grabbed my brother
And teleported outside. "Lets go if that's Saskue Uchiha we don't stand a chance." On cue the door crumbled into pieces then went flying outward,and out came Saskue Uchiha. "Your supposed to be dead, Naruto killed you in the 4th great ninja war how are you alive?" I said trying to postpone the fight that was inevitably coming. He pulled out his katana, and I stepped backed a little and reached into my ninja pouch for a kunai, preparing myself for anything. So did my brother, we knew what we were up against and it wasn't going to be easy. Saskue let go of his katana " Tell Naruto I will exact my revenge on the leaf." I was relieved I didn't have to fight him yet, or at least I thought. I waited for my brother to interrupt the silence to say something.. "Your going to let him go Saskue? We can weaken the leafs power now I thought that was the plan to kill him now." - Said my brother...? I looked at him. Reached into my pouch again with my right and took my hood off with my left to see everything clearly. "It is the plan kill him" Saskue said. "You'll tell Naruto I killed him and return to the village so we can proceed with the rest of my plan". I wove hand signs and released Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu(Fire release jutsu)I had heard enough of there talk, my brother Nall jumped up into the air. I threw Kunai at him while he hovered in the air. He deflected them back at me with shuriken. I dodged mine that were sent back at me. Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu I aimed it at where he was falling to land. Kaze rirīsu-jutsu (Wind release jutsu) He aimed it at his landing and he flew back into the air making my fire grow momentous blinding me from him. I jumped back and caught sight of him weaving hand signs. He was weaving hand signs for a forbidden jutsu. I released Kage Bunshin no Jutsu creating a 1000 clones then releasing them creating smoke blinding him and Saskue. - Nenriki idō I landed in the sand, out of charka gasping for air I had to use all I had to get back to the sand. I was then rushed to by the sands medical team and carried to the medical corps.... Nall Waru my brother tried to kill me, it didn't matter what did was returning to the leaf and telling Naruto what happened.

by Davonv2345
Written: 1 year ago
Views: 1,671
Property: Naruto