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Devon Waru IV (A FanFiction)
I woke up in chains..?
I sat up and browsed the area staying calm, the chains restricted the use of my chakara. There was nothing to see it was pitch black darkness I couldn't tell how big or small the room was, I lay back down... After hours of being awake in the dark light finally shined through the room disturbing my eyes. A man walked in, it was Ibiki? What was going on? "Why?" he asked "Why what?" I replied. "Why did you betray the LEAF!!" His voice echoed through the room, he turned on the lights, and around me were 100's of black ops and in the distant was my brother. " Let me out!! I didn't betray the leaf, he did Nall Waru let me out"- My voice took its turn and echoed in the distant room. The room was like a long corridor that was blocked off at the end of each side, and the ceiling filled with lights that shone heavy on me. "He told me everything, Devon it's over we know your working with Saskue. Nall told me what happened, how Saskue left you to kill him to weaken our military power, and how you escaped fighting him by teleporting to the sand. You can give us information and we will let you live or you can keep quiet and we take the information from you and then you die your choice.-((Shit, about 300 black ops, and chains that repress chakra how can I get out of this.. I guess my only option is to absorb sage chakra, but me and Naruto had just started practicing it and I only did it twice with the oil from Mount Myoboku. That's my only option, if I can do sage mode I can use the jutsu I was practicing with Naruto and try to kill my brother then teleport. Well seems its my only option))-"Give me time to think over my options Ibiki" - I said trying to buy time. I begin to absorb the natural energy and struggled to control it. I kept still and didn't move just kept breathing the cuffs begin to become slimy and finally the loosened on my arms and legs then they crocked and hopped off. The black ops started to move, -Nenriki I teleported behind a black op reach in his pouch and wrapped my right arm around his neck and took him hostage. I relaxed and focused on my brother I threw two kunai at Ibiki then starred at the kunai Ibiki dodged - Kuni no terepōtēshon(teleportation of Kunai) then I teleported them with in inches of my brother. They hit him one in his shoulder one in his thigh. - Nenriki I teleported out drenched in sweat I exhausted a lot of my chakra. I had teleported to the edge of the outskirts of the hidden leaf I had used too much sage chakra on the jutsu and didn't even kill him I should have used it teleport I could have been at the border.. Damn it I started moving I knew it wouldn't be long before they came after me and they would catch me in about 30 minutes time I had to speed up some how. I kept moving. "Where are you going Devon?" - A voice from the forest said. " Who said that?" "Me Sara, you don't remember me? Let me help you" - She whispered to me.

by Davonv2345
Written: 1 year ago
Views: 1,660
Property: Naruto