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Naruto was already in a big agony after MADARA&#039;s attack.<br />
&quot;Its hard fighting these two at the same time. Shit! &quot; , Naruto said<br />
UCHIHA MADARA&#039;s hands was already in the ground.<br />
<br />
SUITON, DOTUN GIGAKON NONJUTSU ( elemental manipulation MUD technique )<br />
<br />
A BLAST OF MUD MOVED TOWARDS Naruto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br />
&quot; This time around its my turn &quot; , said Naruto.<br />
Naruto quickly formed 28 clones before the mud hit him.The clones started running around to confuse MADDARA.<br />
&quot; That is useless Naruto, this sharingan can see the real you !&quot;, MADARA yelled.<br />
When the mud hit Naruto and his clones, The mud exploded like very tiny bombs. The explosion was so huge that Naruto used a powerful chakra barrier.<br />
All the clones had disappeared and Naruto looked untouched.<br />
&quot;SANIN MODE COMPLETE !&quot;, Naruto said with all readiness.<br />
UCHIHA MADARA looked disturbed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by gbengas
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 376
Property: Naruto