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Have to read story
Sai and Naruto were walking and talking on the streets of Konohagakure. Suddenly Naruto stopped. Sai: “What’s wrong”? Naruto pointed at the bathing house. Naruto: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking”? Sai didn’t want to understand what Naruto was saying. That’s why Naruto forced him inside the door.<br />
When Sai came in the room there was written Only Ladies on it. Sai nodded his head and turned around to go out of the room. But then…he heard a voice. “Where are you going handsome”? His eyes became big when he heard that familiar voice. When he turned around he saw Ino. <br />
<br />
Later that evening… Sai had a blushing red face…and Ino was smiling. Naruto went to Sai to see what the result was. Naruto: “What…I thought you didn’t had any emotions , then how did you… And even if you had any, the point was to make Ino shy…not the opposite!” Sai: Well…not every girl is as shy as Hinata… Ino: “What did you say!!!!” (*Punch) Sai: “Hey…Naruto..are you shiying? You are kinda red” Naruto: “Dare Datte Ba Yo…”

by NarutoPsycho
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 371
Property: Naruto