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Gaara and Hinata's love..2
&quot;You took quite a fall Hinata&quot; Lady Hokage said with a sincere smile, &quot;you&#039;ll be fine in a few hours&quot;. She got up and walked to the door but first turned to Gaara &quot;can you stay here with her?&quot;. <br />
Gaara nodded.<br />
Lady Hokage left us alone in the room.<br />
&quot;Wheres Naruto?&quot; I aked<br />
&quot;Training with Kakashi&quot; Gaara replied<br />
&quot;Oh...&quot; I sighed<br />
&quot;Y-Y-You are very pretty at this angle Hinata&quot; he said<br />
I started blushing<br />
Then slowly, he walked up to the side of the bed, grabbed the back of my neck and whispered &quot;be mine....&quot; and without a beat, he kissed me, with his tongue swirling around in my mouth<br />
and the thing is...i liked it...<br />
i kissed back wth my hands around his neck<br />
suddenly he got on top of me<br />
i knew what was coming next<br />
he slowly caressed my cheek<br />
he carefully took off my shirt along with my pants and panties<br />
he took off his clothes and we made love for the first time<br />
i can not describe the excitement i was feeling at that moment<br />
when we were done, Gaara laid right next to me, holding me tight<br />
&quot;Never let go&quot; I said<br />
<br />
To be continued...

by Hinata_Chan93
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 424
Property: Naruto