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Gaara and Hinata's love..3
Two days after...the..you know..<br />
Naruto and I were talking and I told him what happened that day<br />
&quot;YOU WHAT!!!!&quot; Naruto said, jumping out of his seat<br />
&quot;Naruto calm down&quot; i said<br />
&quot;Why should I? You, my girlfriend, cheated on me with Gaara!!!&quot; He exclaimed<br />
&quot;Listen Naruto...I love Gaara not you&quot;<br />
tears dropped down his cheeks and i left<br />
Two hours later at Gaaras house I started moving in<br />
Gaara carried my medical ninjutsu books to put in his library<br />
I carried my clothes and weapons in<br />
At the end of the day me and Gaara laid in bed next to eachother<br />
glad we&#039;re finally together..he put his hand on my tummy<br />
two seconds later he shot back<br />
&quot;what?&quot; i said<br />
He smiled &quot;your tummy kicked&quot;<br />
<br />
Coming Soon....Gaara and Hinatas Child Pt 1

by Hinata_Chan93
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 439
Property: Naruto