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Kakashi's Miracle chapter 10
“It’s KAKASHI-SENSEI!!!&quot;.&quot;WHAT!!!?&quot;asked Naruto, “Why didn&#039;t he tell us any of this?&quot; asked Naruto. &quot;Yep, you guessed it.&quot; smirked Anko who was enjoying their reactions. &quot;I wonder why he didn&#039;t tell any of us?&quot; asked Sakura. &quot;Figures, he never tells anyone anything. He just keeps it all bottled up in his stupid mask.&quot; mumbled Pakuun to himself. &quot;Sakura, I need to ask you something when Lady Tsunade is finished explaining the mission to you.” winked Anko. Naruto was too busy thinking about the ramen he had at lunch that he missed everything that Lady Tsunade had said. &quot;Naruto are you listening?!!&quot;yelled Lady Tsunade. &quot;What did you say? I wasn&#039;t listening.&quot; responded Naruto with a grin. Lady Tsunade put her hand on her head and sighed, Shizune shook her head in disappointment, and Sakura, Said, and Anko all thought the same thing,&quot;I thing Naruto is the most immature person I have ever met.&quot;. &quot;It&#039;s a good thing that I am asking Sakura this favor instead of the other two. Naruto is immature and Sai just creeps me out.&quot;Anko thought. &quot;Anyways, I will repeat the mission a 3rd time for you, Naruto. You three need to retrieve Kakashi, who is badly wounded, and bring him back as soon as possible. He is some where in the Hidden Rainforest village according to what Pakuun has told me.&quot; said Lady Tsunade and the trio replied to the Hokage in unison. &quot;Sakura I need you to make sure you bring all your medical supplies with you. <br />
<br />
Kakashi is in very bad condition and he could die if he is not given the proper care right away. Do you understand?&quot; confirmed Lady Tsunade with her student. After all questions were asked and answers were given Anko took Sakura in the hall while Lady Tsunade asked Pakuun for the coordinates were Kakashi was so Sai could write them down. A moment later, Sakura and Anko emerged from the hallway and returned to the room. &quot;Is everything taken care of?” asked Lady Tsunade to Anko. She knew what Anko had told Sakura. &quot;Yes, she knows.” answered Anko. &quot;Good, but there is one problem.&quot; confessed Lady Tsunade. &quot;What is it Lady Tsunade?” asked Shizune with a worried look on her face. &quot;I don&#039;t have the coordinates of where Kakashi is.&quot; sighed Lady Tsunade.

by shikamarugal22
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 341
Property: Naruto