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Kakashi's Miracle chapter 11
"What do you mean you don't have the coordinates to find Kakashi?!!!" screamed Naruto, Sakura, Anko , and Shizune. "You don't have to worry about a thing. Pakkun said that he can sniff out Kakashi's sent from any distance." smiled Lady Tsunade. "Oh good. You almost gave me a heartattack." sighed Anko. "Well you three should get going so you can reach the destination in the next three to four weeks." said Shizune. Naruto and Sakura looked at each other and Naruto bursted with questions."WHAT?!!! It's going to take us a month to just get to Kakashi-sensei?!!! How LONG is this mission going to take?!!!" he shouted. Just then Sakura hit Naruto on the head with a thick heavy anatomy that was sitting on the office floor by the Hokage's desk. "I sorry that Naruto complained Lady Tsunade but, is this mission really going to take a month to just reach Kakashi-sensei?" asked Sakura politely. "I'm afraid so Sakura. I stationed Kakashi in the Rainforest Village but I don't know where he set up a base camp. This mission I sent him on was a reconnisance mission, that would take him many months to find out information. The Rainforest Village were out allies but, in recent events they have attacked our other fellow allies the Hidden Sand Village. So I don't think we can't trust them anymore ,but just to be sure I sent Kakashi and a team to spy on them to find out more just for the safety of the Hidden Leaf Village. Apparently Kakashi and his team were discovered and attacked in the middle of the night according to what Pakuun has told me." sighed Lady Tsunade. "That's terrible!" gasped Sakura. "Well what are we waiting for?! LET'S GO GET KAKASHI-SENSEI!!!" screamed Naruto who was halfway out the door. "Well, I should go and get him." said Sai. Just then Sakura, Lady Tsunade, Shizune, and Pakuun all sighed simultaneously. "Ahh...sorry Lady Tsunade about Naruto. We will retrieve Kakashi-sensei as quickly and efficiently as possible.” promised Sakura to her master. “I want to thank you again Sakura for doing all of this. Please don't forget our promise. Otherwise good luck!" smiled Anko. "No problem Anko. Now Pakuun shall we get going?" asked Sakura with a smile. Pakuun barked instinctively and followed Sakura, who waved, and walked out the door. "Lady Tsunade, I hope they will be all right." said Shizune. "They will be fine. I have complete faith in Sakura."smiled Lady Tsunade. Anko smiled also to this thought. "I hope they hurry back soon.” thought Lady Tsunade as she glanced at Anko.

by shikamarugal22
Written: 5 years ago
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Property: Naruto