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Cr@zy K0usuke!!(NARUTO's Heart)part 1...
His name is Kano..Kousuke Kano!!He lives in a clan called the KUDOICHI Clan,with his father and his cousins.When his age was 5 years old,his father thought him about his clan supertechnique!When his father die in&#039;The Battle of a Million&#039;s Death&#039;tournament,he always mad and angry,so he moved to konoha and left his cousins alone.He has two cousins;The 1st is Hoshigaki Kisame and the 2nd is Momochi Zabuza.They all go in saparate ways,in konoha,he meet a wierd and strange kid called Naruto!!<br />
They become friends and he forgot all the angrynest and the sadness he had.After 10 years past,he training in a cave near the&#039;HOKAGE STATUE&#039;without naruto,alone.The day after,he saw naruto and jiraiya went out with big bag!He followed them,naruto was training his RASENGGAN!A year after that they got home safe and sound,accept him...

by naruhaku
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 280
Property: Naruto