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The Hiraishin Ninja -Part 2-
As the people of San-gakure was about to start the feast,a kunai was thrown towards the table. Everyone started to panic. The Kirocho Ninjas defended the villagers who was running for shelter. Sanzo was getting ready for the fight. Soon, a ninja is walking towards them. It was one of the Three Legendary Sannins, Orochimaru. Everyone was starting to get scared just seeing him. His sound ninjas were all around the village ready to strike. Then, Orochimaru gave a signal and the entire ninjas attacked. Sanzo's mother, Himiko, ordered him to go to their house and take the Nagashi Katana, a powerfull katana inherited by the late fathers, and run away. But Sanzo disagree because he wants to join the fight as well. His mother forcely made him go back to the house, not knowing what will end up if Sanzo fought with Orochimaru. After the quarrel, Sanzo quickly ran to his house. He ran and ran as fast as he could. When he reached the house, he pack his things and went to his fathers room. As he took hold of the katana, the wall of his house collapesed by some sound ninjas. Sanzo started to get angry when the sound ninjas interrupted the feast, invaded San-gakure and destroyed his late-father's house. He raged with anger and slaughtered them violently. Then he resume to run. As he was about to leave the village, a ninja got in his way, Orochimaru. Sanzo's fear towards Orochimaru have turned into revenge. He sliced Orochimaru in two using the Nagashi Katana. As just he though that Orochimaru was sliced dead, it was a substitude. Orochimaru was just right behind him. Sanzo was stiffed thinking that he would be dead right there. But Orochimaru decided to let him live. He was impressed with his anger and power. He explained to Sanzo that he didnt kill his mother, but someone else did. A desperate powerfull ninja, seeking for revenge somewhat.Posessing the MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN. Sanzo was shocked hearing Orochimaru. He quickly ran away from San-gakure not believing his words....

by naruke22
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 343
Property: Naruto