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The happy Uchiha's...Or Not?
In the early evening the pride of the Uchiha family was walking on the streets of Konohagakure.<br />
<br />
The eight year old Sasuke was happy to get some attention from his parents.<br />
Suddenly his mother started to talk. &quot;Do you want an ice-cream?&quot; Mikoto asked. Sasuke did want to eat, so he looked with his big eyes. Fugaku: &quot;No..You have to do a KATON RYOUKA NO JUTSU when we are home. But Mikato gave him the money. Sasuke walked with the penny towards the ice-cream man and bought a huge pistachio ice-cream.<br />
<br />
Later that evening as grumpy as Fugaku was, he was willing to see Sasuke&#039;s first technique of the Uchiha family.<br />
<br />
Sasuke did the Snake, the Dragon, the Rabbit and the Tiger handseals perfect. When Fugaku saw that he was already proud. After that Sasuke&#039;s mouth became swollen to spit fire. Fugaku was still proud. And then....<br />
<br />
<br />
Fugaku nodded and called Itachi out to show Sasuke how it has to be done. Itachi did the handseals correctly while and Fugaku looked at with a face of disgrace. Itachi saw that and did a THROWING UP NO JUTSU on his father.

by NarutoPsycho
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 339
Property: Naruto