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Cr@zy K0usuke!!(NARUTO's Heart)part 2...
Kousuke Kano was sad when they got home.Kousuke hide in Sensei-Iruka house for awhile,he saw naruto train with jiraiya and the both happy.He was thinking about his late father and his cousin,in the tournament has one guy and he the one killed that killed his father on a recess of the tournament,they always trainig together from the sunrise until the sundown!His father was a great ninja and also a weapon maker,he made 3 diffrent kind of sword.NO 1 is called Saysha..Blade of Syasha means weapon is suitable for any jutsu and it just for him!NO 2 is called Blade of Shark Fist means its hard and can never been broke or tare apart and its for Kisame!NO 3 is called Blade of Moon Water means it will provide his(father) power to unleashed a full protection and it only were together!Each of the blade has his father own power to protect themsevels.His father wants the 3 of us stayed together and use the weapon to protect each other not to fight each other.After the attack of Orochimaru in the chunnin exam,naruto force him to search for his cousin,that time they had an asignment to do.The asingment was to search and destroy kisame,his own cousin.He had to obey the 5fh hokage mission,he,naruto,sai and garaa went to find him,after they met kisame and itachi,he...

by naruhaku
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 248
Property: Naruto