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Hidan: the birth of a true immortal
Hidan as not always the crazy unstoppable immoral freak he is today, before all that he was an evangelist recruiting souls to be saved by lord Jashin, he had strong morals and truly wanted the world to be saved by his god, but like a lot of other religions this one was rejected and Hidan was mocked and persecuted in one village a group of thieves came together and ganged up on him they stole his money and the trigram that was a symbol of Jashin they left him to die on the outskirts of the village. When he regained consciousness he was in a gloomy candlelit room with lots of mini skulls and skeleton decoration, Hidan sat up suddenly, just then a calm and soothing voice came from the other room. “Oh you’re awake I see, please don’t be frightened I will tend to you’re wounds shortly”. Hidan looked at his body all is wounds were bandage and they didn’t hurt that much either, he got out of bed thanked the woman and was about to leave but the woman persuaded him to stay. She said, “I am Rosetta Hernandez I hail from Mexico what’s your name?” he replied, “I’m Hidan servant of lord Jashin” she continued, “so Hidan-kun why do you want to go back to the village so badly”, he replied again, “those thieves who attacked me stole my most precious possession the trigram of lord Jashin”, “trigram do you mean the symbol of the immortal”, Hidan was surprised, “ what do you mean”, she replied calmly, “oh nothing, it’s just a myth in my homeland it’s a symbol we wear on the day of the dead. At any rate it’s nothing to get killed over, or do you want to die”, Hidan was shocked, “of course I don’t want to die I would like to be immortal to carryout lord Jashin’s will forever.” She replied with a smile, “ oh really forever you say, I am not well so if you could stay here for a while I will grant your wish but I warn you the price of immortality is insanity.” Hidan didn’t look too much into it he stayed because he had a debt to repay. Weeks past and Hidan grew fund of Rosetta and she of him. One day while Hidan was collecting fire wood the group of thieves robbed Rosetta before they left they delivered a fatal blow to Rosetta. When Hidan returned they were gone he knelt before Rosetta sobbing she lifted her bloody hand to his for head drew the symbol of the immortal and chanted a spell, she kissed him before she died. Fuelled with rage Hidan ambushed the gang on thieves he fought fiercely and took down quite a few of them to maker his way to the leader but all he could do before he was pushed back was to bite off the ear of the leader. He had no strength left, and was dripping with blood he could sense death approaching he used his blood to draw the trigram to be connected with lord Jashin in death. The leader made his way to Hidan ordering no one to touch him, “he is mine,” he cried, thrusting a blade throw Hidan’s heart at that moment Hidan felt a great surge of power and ecstasy the likes of which is not known to this world he was re-born that day a true child of Jashin an immortal. As the leader laid dead at his feet Hidan realized the true meaning of lord Jashin’s teachings salvation can only be found in death (the epiphany of insanity) he went on to “deliver” the rest of the thieves along with the entire village.

by shamrok
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 377
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