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Hinata`s determination!
Ever Since Pain`s assault, Konoha has been in complete disarray. My family members and I have been fighting as well, to protect Konoha from future damage. But I`m not very worried about myself…just Naruto. He`s fighting Pain, the person causing all this. I`m afraid he`s hurt. He is the strongest person I`ve ever known, but Pain is so powerful. I want to go help Naruto, but I know I`d just be walking straight into death. But I just have to do something, or I`ll hate myself for the rest of my life. I`m starting to run, as fast as I can. Finally, I`m seeing Naruto`s face in view. He looks so scared and helpless. And now, I see Pain. He is about to hurt Naruto-I can`t let that happen! I jump right behind Pain…but he sees me, and swiftly moves out of the way. I look at him with the angriest glare I can muster; “I won`t let you lay another finger on Naruto!” I yell. Naruto looks at me with a worried expression, that startles me extremely. “Hinata,” He screams, “What are you doing here?! You`re no match-” I cut him off-“I know.” Naruto gave me a surprised look. I give him a kind of smile. “I`m just…being selfish.” Naruto looks at me with nearly painful eyes. “What`re you talking about?! What are you doing here?! It`s dangerous!!” I don`t respond. He gives me a confused expression. I started to activate my byakugan. “I`m here of my own free will.” I struggled to look him in the eyes, and I explained to him why I was here. “I used to always cry and give up. I nearly went the wrong way. But you…showed me the right way. I was always chasing you…wanting to overtake you…I just wanted to talk with you. I just…wanted to be with you.” I looked at him with intensity. “You changed me! You`re smile saved me! So…I`m not afraid to die protecting you!” I took my fighting stance, and I smiled. “Because I love you!!” I felt adrenaline move through my veins. I had finally said it. And I meant every word. My drive is to protect Naruto, and I really am not afraid to give my life to save him. So I`ll fight until I can`t breathe. Because I love Naruto. I will protect him.

by shyhinata914
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 572
Property: Naruto