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the untold story part nineteen
&quot;lady tsunade,&quot; kakashi said walking into the hokage&#039;s office with naruto behinde him. &quot;we are back, but kagome is seriously injured. sakura took her to the hospital.&quot; &quot;well go and check on her.&quot; tsunade said. &quot;i will be there in a little bit and see what i can do.&quot; &quot;alright!&quot; kakashi said as him and naruto turned around and headed off. when they got there, sakura was still there. &quot;has her condition changed at all?&quot; kakashi asked. &quot;no.&quot; sakura said shaking her head. &quot;at this rate i do not know if she is going to survive or not. we just have to wait and see.&quot; then naruto clunched his teeth and made a fist. &quot;why?&quot; he said. &quot;why did this happen to you? you were tring to protect me by getting rid of them. you can&#039;t die now.&quot; &quot;naruto...&quot; kagome had woken up when naruto said that. &quot;i&#039;ll be fine. they&#039;re just flesh wounds.&quot;<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
to be continued...

by mangaluver13
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 193
Property: Naruto