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What if story part 4
All of Pain&#039;s plans have failed him but he has one more.<br />
Pain: yes that has to be his weak point but to do it I have to make him think he&#039;s won<br />
Naruto eight tails: What&#039;s takeinghim so long to attack. That blast couldn&#039;t have killed Pain could it? Well theres only one way to find out.<br />
Naruto Shots out another blow from his mouth.<br />
Naruto eight tails: Missed. either he knows how to dodge that move and he&#039;s up there thinking of a plan or the first blast realy killed him<br />
Pain: He&#039;s Stronger and faster then I am. But I&#039;m still smarter<br />
Outside the village.<br />
Shikamaru: Man what&#039;s takeing Naruto so long to kill Pain.<br />
Ino: Calm down Shikamaru Sakura said Pain can&#039;t even defend himself against Naruto.<br />
Choji: Ino&#039;s right Shikamaru Naruto will win this fight.<br />
Kiba: Hey Sino were is Hinata?<br />
Shino: She went to fight Pain but lost. That&#039;s why Naruto is in eight Tails.<br />
Kiba: But then doesn&#039;t that Mean that she is still there?<br />
SHino: Yes and thats just what he needs to win.<br />
Kiba: How will Hinata help Naruto if she&#039;s knocked out.<br />
Shino: I never said that she&#039;s helping Naruto.<br />
Kiba: I get it. Pain can use her as a shield.<br />
Back to the battle<br />
Pain rushes to were Hinata is and picks her up.<br />
Pain: Naruto you can attack me now but if you do you&#039;ll hurt your friend.<br />
Naruto Eight tails: Pain do you really think that e=will stop me.<br />
He gets ready to attack.<br />
Pain: Are you really going to attack Naruto?<br />
Naruto eight tails: Try me<br />
Then Naruto sticks his hand in the ground and attacked Pain from underground<br />
Naruto eight tails: Was that your big plan? because if it was then you will lose this match. You lose Paim!<br />
Naruto gets ready to attack Pain.<br />
End Read what if story part 5

by rg1115
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 238
Property: Naruto