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What If story part 5
Pain is out of options<br />
Pain: All of my plans have failed. Is he immortal or somthing.<br />
at the Akatsuki lair.<br />
Madara: This isn&#039;t going as I plained it to go. but either way we will still win.<br />
Kisame: What do you mean.<br />
Madara: Pain was just another pawn to this game. so is sasuke. Nothing more than a pawn.<br />
Sasuke: Really Madara so you were just usieng me after all. That is why I&#039;m here to kill you.<br />
Sasuke attacks.<br />
Back with Naruto and Pain.<br />
Pain: Well I think it&#039;s time for my ultimate move. Self Destruction.<br />
Naruto Eight Tails: What! But how can you do that?<br />
Pain: You seem surprized good it is time for your death.<br />
Naruto eight tails: Pain wait think about what your about to doIf you blow up won&#039;t you destroy you real body.<br />
Pain: Yes I will and so what if I do You&#039;ll stil die just as I planed. You die now. And along with you I&#039;ll kill the girl to.<br />
Pain&#039;s self destructs killing Himself and everyone in the leaf village. ( Whitch was only Himself, and his partner) But what happend to Naruto and Hinata.<br />
End Read What if story part 6.<br />
I wil also stop calling Naruto, Naruto eight tails jaust Naruto.

by rg1115
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 243
Property: Naruto