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The Resurrection of Haku and Zabuza
This story begins when Sasuke and Mizugetzu leave the grave site of Zabuza and Haku after Mizugetzu took the sword that which was Zabuza&#039;s in life; one of the swords of the 7 swords men. A few hours after Sasuke and Mizugetzu left the ground around the graves of Haku and Zabuza began to tremble greatly. Then a decaying hand burst through the grave and Zabuza climbed out. Then a second decaying hand came through the grave and Haku climbed out. Then Haku and Zabuza&#039;s bodies began to regenerate themselves. Their flesh started to return. Then they were whole again. Haku and Zabuza the Demon had returned. Haku and Zabuza look at each other and then at themselves. Finally Haku said,&quot;How did we comeback to life Zabuza?&quot; &quot;I don&#039;t know Haku&quot;. Zabuza looked around and saw that his sword was missing.&quot;I may know what caused us to return from the grave.&quot; &quot;What?&quot; said Haku. Zabuza answered, &quot;My sword is gone.&quot; &quot;What does that got anything to do with us returning from the grave&quot;? said Haku. &quot;I guess I never told u that when ever a sword of one of the Seven Swords Men gets separated even in death; then the wielder of that sword will return from the grave to reclaim the sword that was stolen&quot; said Zabuza. &quot;Ok, but that does not explain how I came back to life as well.&quot; &quot;Maybe because that me and you were so close to each other in life the sword thinks that you are also its owner as well?&quot; &quot;Now enough talking lets go search for my Sword.<br />
<br />
Next Time: The Resurrection of Haku and Zabuza Part 2-The Search begins.

by Plitz
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 1,312
Property: Naruto