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Konoha Adventures Part 1 : Streak of Lightning
*Konoha Adventures* (Opening)<br />
It was after 50 years since Pein tried to destroyed Konoha and Naruto Dead.A new hokage has arrived , Konohamaru.With that new born shinobis will protect the village once again!<br />
<br />
<br />
Pt. 1 :Streak of Lightning <br />
<br />
Fifty years passed and the Leaf Village is now safe with Konohamaru our new Hokage.&quot;Ahh what a warm nice day&quot; Konohamaru said &quot;I wonder if there are any papers here again ..... Noooo!!! what the hell? Kiyoshi are you sure this are from the Sand Village??!!There are so many!&quot; Konohamaru exclaimed &quot;Yes Lord Konohamaru that&#039;s all&quot; Kiyoshi replied &quot;Okay .. okay i will sign them all uuhh&quot;.Somewhere around the Ramen Shop a-3-member Gang called Hebi appeared and tried to snatch all the goods in the Ramen Shop &quot;Give us all the money!&quot; one of the member shouted.A part in the Konoha District the Hyuuga Police Force new the problem &quot;Call on someone to report it to the Hokage!!&quot; a Hyuuga Police reported &quot;Sir I&#039;m willing to go since no one is coming&quot; a police suddenly requested &quot;Are you sure,Hatoshi?&quot; &quot;Yes&quot; as Hatoshi went he reported it to the Hokage.&quot;Lord Konohamaru , some street gang called Hebi are trying to put in some pranks in the Hyuuga Police Force!What will we do?&quot;a Hyuuga Jounin Police Force announced &quot;Call on Thor&quot; replied Konohamaru.As the Hyuuga Jounin called on Thor from team 7 he suddenly faced the Hebi Gang facing him towards the Hokage&#039;s house.&quot;Your name is Hatoshi right?&quot;asked the Hebi Member &quot;Yes what do you want?&quot;asked Hatoshi&quot;We want some goods , haha!&quot;he shouted&quot;Well you aren&#039;t getting any of those goods!&quot;Hatoshi shouted and pulled out a kunai from his small pack tied from his left leg.&quot;Byakugan!&quot;he activated his jutsu.He striked one of the members , there were 3 of them.&quot;Triple Snake Poison Jutsu Combo!&quot;the Hebi Gang leader activated their combo.As the snake went out ,Hatoshi covered his face while a sudden thunder blow went down from the sky striking down towards the 3 snakes.&quot;Wh-what?!&quot;asked the Hebi Member&quot;Get outta here you bunch of punks&quot; &quot;Thor thank you!&quot; Hatoshi cried out &quot;No prob.I&#039;ll deal with them first&quot; explained Thor.After the beating , Hatoshi brought the Hebi Gang into the Hyuuga Police Force.<br />
*END*<br />
<br />
Characters:<br />
Hokage Konohamaru - The new hokage of Konoha in the new generation after Naruto sacrificed his life to destroy Pein.<br />
Kiyoshi - Konohamaru&#039;s young woman apprentice that brings in the Papers that he will be signing <br />
Hatoshi - A Hyuuga Jounin Police who keeps on thinking about Justice in Konoha.He is a commander of the Hyuuga Police Force <br />
Thor - a successful Genin but failed in the Chuunin Exams but survived and got out of the Forest of Death.He is know to be the 2nd Yellow Flash due to his speed and streak of lightnings<br />
<br />
Places and Organizations<br />
Hyuuga Police Force - this is where they take the crimes and problems of Konoha.They send a strong Hyuuga Police to report it to the Hokage and in case if he confronts their opponent the police is able to beat them up<br />
Hebi Gang - this Gang is always a problem during Saturdays but this Gang is already sent into Jail.The Hyuuga Police Force still didn&#039;t find out the real leader of the Hebi and it is said to be that it will be a long time they will find it out.

by florge
Written: 5 years ago
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