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The Resurrection of Haku and Zbuza part 2- The Search begins
When this story ended; Haku and Zabuza came back from the grave due to a technicality of Zabuza&#039;s sword that was stolen from his grave site from Mizugetzu. Now Haku and Zabuza are now on a quest to find his stolen sword so they may rest in peace once again. They walked for a couple of hours and came across the Great Naruto Bridge. Haku stopped and stared at the name of the bridge. &quot;So it looks like that Naruto has a monument named after him&quot; Haku said. &quot;Haku&quot;, said Zabuza, &quot;Lets go see if that one village that Kakashi and his little flunkies were staying at when they were here 3 years ago.&quot;<br />
<br />
The Resurrection of Haku and Zabuza part 3-The Surprise

by Plitz
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 287
Property: Naruto