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ino vs sakura the final battle
walking on the road ino and sakura met eachother:<br />
-are you ready ,sakura<br />
-of course<br />
-right here,right now our rivality ends<br />
ino started moving fast and kicked sakura but sakura jumped ino followed here and gave her a punch but it lokked like it was a substitution sakura has throwed kunais but ino jumped ,sakura laughed and sayed :you&#039;re<br />
trapped she focussed her chakra in her feets and she moved SO FAST ino can&#039;t run...sudently ino dissepeared:<br />
sakura:what????where is she?<br />
ino: hello sakura in here behind you <br />
sakura:how did.....?<br />
ino: kurenai sensei teached me some genjutsu so it was a genjutsu that you saw!!<br />
sakura:don&#039;t underestimate me!<br />
sakura hit the floor with her full power and she destroyed everything<br />
ino: WOW i don&#039;t expect less from the boy-girl!!!<br />
sakura:WHAT!!!!at least i&#039;m not a wild pig!!!<br />
ino: what!!!let&#039;s finish this with my new combination.<br />
ino did a strange seal with her hands <br />
sakura:what&#039;s this jutsu.......I...I..can&#039;t mo..ve<br />
ino: look at my ultimate jutsu <br />
ino sored out some strange balls<br />
sakura:WHAT explosive balls...oh no i can&#039;t move..<br />
ino:goodbye!!!<br />
and BANG ino won the duel

by yaminokuni
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 812
Property: Naruto