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The Sealed Room Part 2 : Pain
Her eyes did not dart from the ceiling.<br />
&quot;No...No...&quot; she started to whine. Her hands covered her eyes.<br />
&quot;We made a deal orichimaru! How dare you break it!!&quot; she screamed flying up out of the bed.<br />
She quickly turned to see all of them, staring with shock.<br />
Sasuke stood there. <br />
&quot;Who are you?&quot; he asked<br />
She sat back down in bed.<br />
&quot;He promised...me...we...made a deal&quot; she murmured then continued louder &quot;I was not supposed to be awakened until a new century had begun...and they would all be dead&quot; she shivered.<br />
&quot;I killed him&quot; replied Sasuke.<br />
She looked at him for the first time, &quot;You-&quot; she stopped mid sentence looking at him closer. Then suddenly she backed away, &quot;Uchiha, Sasuke&quot; she said quietly. She backed into the wall and closed her eyes.<br />
&quot;How do you know my name?!&quot; he demanded, angry and confused he continued &quot;Do I know you?!&quot;<br />
Karin stepped in front of Sasuke &quot;We better go...she obviously not what we where hoping for, I think she’s messing with your mind!&quot; <br />
<br />
Juugo silently agreed with Karin but did not do anything; he had heard plenty of rumors. He then spoke up: <br />
&quot;Her name is said to be... Soria...and her power is to show her memories...that are supposdly so painfull it kills the opponent&quot; he sighed.<br />
&quot;My name...how do you know it Juugo?&quot; Soria remarked. <br />
&quot;I don&#039;t know...” he replied slowly &quot;I Just...knew it&quot;<br />
&quot;I know all...I bear all...Sasuke...I know you and your family, for once I was apart of it all&quot; she smiled.<br />
Sasuke quickly replied &quot;HOW?! You are NOT a part of the Uchiha Clan!! Nor a part of my family!&quot; he grabbed her and pinned her to the wall.<br />
Soria reached out and touched his forehead &quot;I&#039;ll give you one last to forget like you wanted to Sasuke-Kun...” suddenly Sasuke was seeing himself pleading &quot;Please..I’ll do anything! Make us all forget about her! I can&#039;t take this madness anymore-&quot; then it stopped. Sasuke&#039;s eyes where full of shock, &quot;You did that...an illusion! That never happened!&quot; he replied sternly.<br />
&quot;For you...it did not, I had to bear knowing everyone wanted to forget me...give up on me...simply wipe the slate clean they say&quot; soria clenched her fist.<br />
&quot;Lier!&quot; mocked Karin.<br />
She turned to face her and suddenly escaped Sasuke’s firm grasp, &quot;Karin...I never have met you until now...but thank you for freeing me, now the world will deal my Pain again...again...and again!&quot;<br />
{Flash Back}<br />
&quot;You better believe it Sora-kun!&quot; Naruto quickly remarked.<br />
&quot;Really..Rasengan?!&quot; she replied excitedly<br />
&quot;I&#039;ll show you!&quot; Naruto did the hand signs and two clones appeared.<br />
Soria watched closely with the way his chakra moved throughout his body, mimicking it.<br />
&quot;RASENGAN!&quot; Naruto showed her the right blue ball of Chakra.<br />
&quot;Wow! So cool!&quot; she replied smiling <br />
{END}<br />
&quot;Reverse Summoning!&quot; Soria yelled and was gone in a puff of smoke.<br />
&quot;Damnit&quot; Sasuke replied.<br />
&quot;Suigetsu?&quot; Juugo questioned, the whole time he had not said a word.<br />
&quot;She&#039;s....&quot; he replied.<br />
&quot;She&#039;s what?&quot; Sasuke questioned looking at him sideways with his shariagan.<br />
&quot;The Destined Child, I know her... she has lived so many lives because hell befalls whoever she is with..and it stuck with memories of watching him erase their memories of love,friendship,and hardship&quot;<br />
Suigetsu slowly replied.<br />
&quot;Who is..He?&quot; Sasuke asked<br />
<br />
&quot;Her master....Pain&quot;

by theslayergirl
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 332
Property: Naruto