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Return Of Zabuza
Kisakame Part 2: the return of Zabuza Momochi<br />
My name is Kisakame Uzumaki the brother of Naruto Uzumaki and the successor of the Yondiame hokage. My story begins about a year into Naruto’s training with Jiraya. I returned to the Land of Waves on a mission. My mission was an A-rank to protect the Mizukage of the Hidden Mist village and his helper. A normal mission to me. Wrong. At least Naruto’s back and team Kakashi can help.<br />
<br />
Return of an Enemy: Birth of a friend.<br />
<br />
“Why are we going back to the land of Waves? Is there more trouble with Gato’s sub-ordinates?” Naruto asked. <br />
“We’re actually going to meet Kisakame and the Mizukage of the Hidden Mist. And his Helper, too.” <br />
“Pretty impressive. I mean he must be to be the Mizukage.”<br />
“There he is now. Remember Naruto be nice.” Naruto took that with resentment.<br />
A strange voice spoke softly, and with chilling familiarity.<br />
“Kakashi, it’s been a while. To long to remember for me, and Naruto and Sakura and—where’s Sasuke?” <br />
“Kakashi”, Kisakame said trying to get his attention, “I want you to meet the Mizukage of the Hidden Mist. Zabuza Momochi and his helper Haku.” Every one stood stunned hands on kunai ready to fight if he turned violent. Instead he took off his hat and bandages and simply smiled at team 7. <br />
“Kakashi I’m sorry about the Land of Waves. And Naruto, there’s someone who wants to meet you.”<br />
“Naruto, I’m sorry.” Haku jumped down from the tree and surprised everyone. “I treated you and Sasuke badly but I had to protect the special someone in my life. And you were doing the same.” Haku looked no different than he did In the Land of Waves. And neither did Zabuza except for the Mizukage garb. It was amazing, it had been almost 4 years and the looked no different except when Haku took of his mask and Naruto saw the massive scars across Haku’s face they were three claw marks across his face. And he stood there with both eyes and most of his face intact. <br />
“Kakashi I need to talk to you for a minute, About the mission.” They went off into the woods to talk while everybody caught up. “Kakashi, A bit of warning, Zabuza’s not called the ‘demon of the hidden Mist’ because he’s scary any more, A couple months ago when he was revived, he found out that his sword ha been stolen by Kisame. He went to retrieve it and he said something happened while he was in the hide out. I found out a tailed beast had escaped and housed it self in Zabuza. We don’t know which one it was yet but Zabuza is now a Jinchuriki. That is the mission, Akatsuki are coming to reclaim their Tailed beast and we need to protect Zabuza. Whether we like it or not.”<br />
“I will protect him no matter what. Besides having to fight 3 Jinchuriki at once there gonna have a hell of a time trying to beat us.”<br />
“But at least we know who there sending, Sasori of the red sands and Diedara of the Hidden stone. Two we haven’t seen before.”<br />
“I have, we’ve met before. But Naruto can take him easily as long we don’t let his hands go in his pockets. Detonating clay he molds it, it comes to life and it explodes. We should be getting back.”

by Thornmaster_911
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 466
Property: Naruto