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The Deep Love Between Gaara And Hinata Part 4.
‘Hinata Kidnapped By The Akatsuki!’ Gaara said In Rage.<br />
The only person that was able to calm him down because he was on a killing spree was Lady Anko, Lady Anko and Gaara had been best friends for a long time like brother and sister. After about an hour Gaara was calm down, so he and Anko packed their things. The next day they set off in search for the Akatsuki. After three days they came in contact with the two Akatsuki Members, Deidara and Sasori.<br />
“Give me back Hinata!’ yelled Gaara.<br />
“Well you must be Gaara?’ said Deidara.<br />
“Ya and what of It.’ replied Gaara.<br />
“We’ve been waiting for you; you’re the real person we wanted…” said Sasori. “But instead we ran into your little love whore.”<br />
“That’s It Your DEAD, No one call’s Hinata Chan Thaaaaaaaaaat!” yelled Gaara.<br />
What will Gaara Do? What will happen to Hinata? What Do The Akatsuki want with Gaara?.............To Be Continued.

by gaaraoftheakatsuki
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 734
Property: Naruto