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What if story part 8
Before I begin writeing this I&#039;d like to Apolegize for a mistake I made. The guy that collects swords I called him Mizugetzu when I ment to call him suigetsu so sorry about the mix up.<br />
Naruto trains for his fight with sasuke.<br />
Naruto; I gotta get better so I can beat sasuke. He was alweays the better ninja. Now this is my last chance to bring him back. We have been frieds forever I don&#039;t think I can kill him Even if I wanted to. Itachi said I have to kill him but he&#039;s my best friend. I forgot even though he&#039;s my friend He&#039;s also a enamy so I have to kill him.<br />
With sakura<br />
Sakura: You are the member of sasukes team. aren&#039;t you.<br />
Karin: So what If I am Sasuke told me to kill all leaf ninja.<br />
Karan attacks Sakura and poisins her<br />
Karin: That poisin is a special type It will make it so you can&#039;t move .<br />
Sakura: Well that was smart but our plan was better right lee.<br />
Lee kicks Karin.<br />
Lee: It&#039;s time you die Primary lotas.<br />
Lee kills Karin<br />
Sakura: Great job lee<br />
With Garra<br />
Juogo: Kill. Kill sand man.<br />
Garra: your not even worth my time sand coffin. Sand barial.<br />
Garra kills him.<br />
Garra: Well He was weak.<br />
End Read what if part 5

by rg1115
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 241
Property: Naruto