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Is this love? *Sasori* ~part 1~
Hey I am Shyoko. I am 15 years old and well you are going to witness my story. The story that made my life misery into happiness. Well it all started out like this...<br />
&quot;HEY WAKE UP!&quot; as someone shouted through my window. I live in The Hidden Leaf village and right now there is a really annoying person that wants in... &quot;What do you want Naruto?&quot; * I said in a very sleepy voice as I turn on my stomach and put my pillow on my head*, &quot; Oh come on! You forgot what today is!?!?!&quot; I glared at him &quot; No it&#039;s Saturday and that&#039;s the day I get to sleep in!&quot; while, I was talking Naruto let him self in and pulled me out of bed then I got mad &quot; WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING JUST COMING IN MY HOUSE AND PULLING ME OUT OF MY OWN BED!?!?!?!&quot;.<br />
Then he got quiet at that moment there was no sound, then I said &quot; Hold on let me get dress and I will come down.&quot; &quot;Alright!&quot; as he said while running down the stairs. As I was getting dressed I was thinking &#039;There&#039;s got to be more of life out there waiting for me other than this old village!&#039; When I got dressed I headed down stairs.<br />
&quot;Hey Shyoko about time you got up! Today we got that important mission!&quot; Then I realized that we were going to the sand village for the mission, it was a S ranked mission so we will all have to be on a guard. When we got to the gates of the village , Saukra and Kakashi where there waiting for us. &quot;It&#039;s about time you two showed up! God it seems that Kakashi and I have been waiting here for years!&quot; Then I started to think how much of a bitch Saukra was but that didn&#039;t matter because we were off in the unknow and far better and more exciting things than this village, we were free.<br />
<br />
part 2 will come shortly Thank you for reading...

by XSlipknotXFanX124
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 375
Property: Naruto