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The Deep Love Between Gaara And Hinata Part 5
“That’s It Your DEAD, No one call’s Hinata Chan Thaaaaaaaaaat!” yelled Gaara<br />
Gaara goes for the kill on Sasori, but was blocked by Deidara. Anko jumped in and took out Deidara. Anko thought he was out, but Deidara was faking it. Gaara was going at it with the rage building up inside him every minute not knowing if Hinata-Chan was dead or alive. <br />
“Gaara im going to find Hinata-Chan.” yelled Anko.<br />
Once Anko left and was out of sit………. “Playing Possum Jutsu” Said Gaara. “You’re done for Sasori” <br />
The Shikaku was coming out and this was a bad thing. Sasori put up a pretty big fight, but it was not enough to live. Shikaku crushed him like a bug. Gaara still had not woken up so Shikaku was on a rampage.<br />
Anko finally found Hinata untied her and the first few words out of her mouth was “Where is Gaara.” “He’s fighting Sasori, come on we got to go.” Said Anko.<br />
Anko and Hinata headed Gaara’s way not knowing that Gaara was not Gaara, he was Shikaku. When Hinata saw that Gaara had become the monster she hated so she started crying.<br />
“GAARA, WAKE UP PLEASE” Yelled Hinata.<br />
A few seconds later Gaara was Gaara once more. Hinata ran up to him joyed as can be kissed him so hard, that Gaara thought she was going to crush his face in. <br />
“I’m glad to see you alive Hinata-chan” Gaara said softly. “Lets Go Home”<br />
Deidara still alive creates a clay bug, and makes it attach to Gaara. Why are the Akatsuki so interested in Gaara? What of the baby?....................To Be Continued.

by gaaraoftheakatsuki
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 536
Property: Naruto