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My name is hikiro hatake, I was adopted by kakashi hatake. I’m not even sure he knows I’m alive right now. I am part of a highly top-secret group called… well I’m not allowed to actually release our group name. I wonder why even the 5th hokage doesn’t know of us. I’m pretty sure she would want to know about the only other person that could use the rennegan. I am Negato’s son though I’m not proud of it, I hate my father. That’s why I ran away and joined Konoha. I’m going to defy my orders and show myself just to see what happens. I hope kakashi isn’t pissed.<br />
I walk down the street past ichiraku ramen while wondering why everyone is staring at me. I walk some more and see the jinjurinki, uzumaki naruto. I think ill go and say hi. “Hey naruto!”<br />
“Huh, who are you?” Naruto said.<br />
I think ill just use my real name, “Hikiro Hatake.”<br />
“You have the same last name as kakashi-sensei.”<br />
“I was adopted by him.”<br />
“That explains it.”<br />
“What are you up to naruto?” sakura asked.<br />
“Oh sakura-chan, this is hatake hikiro, hikiro this is sakura.”<br />
“Oh nice to meet you sakura.” I said<br />
“Hatake isn’t that…” sakura said.<br />
“I know kakashi’s last name, I was adopted by kakashi hatake.” I said<br />
“That makes sense.” Sakura said<br />
“Well we got to go now.” Naruto said.<br />
“Nice meeting you.” I said. Well that went well. I continue walking and I see someone In what looks like a white kimono and a fan…. Wait a minute, “Sasuke uchiha.”<br />
“Well I found my first prey.” Sasuke stated<br />
“I’m not as easy as you think.” I replied<br />
“We’ll see about that.” Sasuke said<br />
This wasn’t just any regular battle. This was a battle of two clans, the clash of the sharingan and rennegan. Sasuke started off with a grand fireball jutsu. I don’t really want to fight with jutsu because he’ll just copy it. so I hid behind the jutsu and then did the hand signs. I unleashed demon art: fire style: liquid flame bullet. My jutsu being more concentrated blew through his and he barely dodged it.<br />
“What did you just do?” Sasuke exclaimed.<br />
“Looks like my training with orochimaru paid off when I was still with the akatsuki,” I said, “you’re not the only one with the curse mark you know.”<br />
to be continued.

by vladimir1058
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 249
Property: Naruto