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Kisara Kaguya, Mixed Identities Part 1
I am Kisara Kaguya, one of the two survivors of the Kaguya clan. My brother, Kimimaro, is the only other survivor. This occurred because my clan was mad enough to march to their demise by challenging the forces of Kirigakure. The only reason my brother and I survived was because we have an elite Kekkei Genkai-Shikotsu Myaku-the ability to manipulate our bones and make them as hard and dense as steel. Not to mention flexible.<br />
<br />
After the battle, my brother and I left Kirigakure and wandered into a forest. We stayed there for awhile. We were not used to the land, for we were raised in the darkness of a prison cell. We were feared even by a war loving clan. While in the forest, we encountered a man we had met during the battle. At first I believed that he was an angel sent to earth to guide Kimimaro and I in life. He told us that maybe there is no purpose in life, but if we stay for awhile longer, we may discover something useful. My brother and I both share a strong belief that everyone was put on earth for a reason.<br />
<br />
That man told us to come with him, and so we did. <br />
<br />
The man-Orochimaru-said that I was too young for the Sound and that I should go to the Leaf until the time was right. I was eight at the time, Kimimaro was 10. It was a difficult parting after being through so much together. We said our goodbyes.<br />
<br />
On my way into Konohagakure, I met a man named Kabuto. He told me that he was one of Orochimaru&#039;s disciples, a spy working for him in the Leaf village. Now that I am in on the secret, I too am his disciple. From now on I shall know him as Orochimaru-sama.<br />
<br />
I spent four years before I became a genin. I live with the Hyuga clan in a house on their property. I saw and heard many things in thse four years, including the destruction of the Uchiha clan. There is finally one more person in the Leaf village who understands what it is like to watch your family die.

by kimimarokaguyafan01
Written: 5 years ago
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