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What if story part 9
Two members of Hawk have been killed<br />
suigetsu: Before I fight someone I&#039;ll have to kill you Vetsu.<br />
Suisetsu easily kills Vetsu. With Shikamaru<br />
Shikamaru: I know your there so you can stop hiding<br />
Suigetsu: You have a sharp eye. Yes this might be fun after all. Water style Water dragon Jutsu.<br />
Shikamaru doges easily and hits Suigetsu with shadow possesion jutsu.<br />
Shikamaru: got you. Although it was Just as I planed. Now were is Sasuke Uchia.<br />
Suigetsu: Ypu&#039;ll never get me to tell.<br />
Shikamaru: To bad shodow strangle.<br />
Shikamaru kills him.<br />
with Garra <br />
Garra: What are you doing here sasuke.<br />
Sasuke: Just wondering were Naruto is. Can you tell me.<br />
Garra: Never and we got you traped. Lee, sakura, Shikamaru come here now.<br />
Sakura: Sasuke It&#039;s been awhile.<br />
Shikamaru: were bringing you back to the village weather you like it or not.<br />
Lee: Right so come quietly or else.<br />
Sasuke: Please your all to weak. Naruto is the only one who can entertain me. You may have been able to kill my members of team Hawk but I&#039;m difffrent than all of them and I will kill all of you.<br />
Everyone attacked sasuke but sasuke uses Fireball Jutsu and beats them all.<br />
Sasuke: so It&#039;s true you are all weak so were&#039;s Naruto.<br />
Naruto: right here Sasuke so we finnaly meet again after all this time we will finally have our rematch. But before we fight Sasuke Madara has lied to you don&#039;t you know that. He killed my dad, and your Family.<br />
Sasuke: Shut up. The leaf are the ones who killed my family so stop blameing things on him. He&#039;s dead and I killed him Myself. Naruto you die Now.<br />
Sasuke attacks Naruto<br />
End Read what if part 10

by rg1115
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 312
Property: Naruto