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Child of Lee and Sakura
Long time has passed since Akatsuki were defeated. Lee and Sakura have now been married for several years and their 13 year old boy is improving as a ninja every day. Lee decided to name him after his sensei (Gai) and Sakura wanted him to have her family name (Haruno). Gai Haruno looks a lot like his parents. Gai has inherited great healing abilities from Sakura. Unfortunately he also has inherited his father’s disadvantage of not being able to use ninjutsu or genjutsu, which means that he can&#039;t use healingjutsu. However these abilities combined has blessed Gai with an enormous regeneration rate. Since Gai can’t use his chakra for jutsus he always has a lot of surplus chakra, which his body unconsciously uses for regenerating his body and stamina.<br />
<br />
One day Lee decided to teach Gai the secret of how to open the chakra gates in his body. It didn’t take long for Gai to learn to open the gates. A few days later he came to Lee to show him that he has mastered to open all eight gates! Lee was stunned since he only mastered opening seven gates himself. To test Gai’s new ability they decided to spar with six opened gates. After several hours Lee was done for. He had almost used all his chakra and his body was starting to hurt because of the damage this technique deals to the user’s body. Lee has to stop the sparing session for today to avoid getting in a critical condition. On their way home Lee think a lot about why Gai was able to fight with six gates opened for such a long period of time. When they came home he talked with Sakura about it. As a top ranking medical ninja she quickly analyzed the fight and concluded that it was because of Gai’s high regeneration rate. His body regenerated itself as soon as the technique inflicted damage on him. This bloodline ability might make Gai one of the top taijutsu users in history!

by Bo89
Written: 5 years ago
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Property: Naruto