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What if story part 10
Naruto and sasuke begin to fight<br />
Sasuke: After I kill you I will kill all the leaf and sand villagers.<br />
Narruto: Why are you doing this? can&#039;t you see Madara lied to you and all the Akastki.<br />
Sasuke: Shut up Chidori.<br />
Naruto: Rasengan!<br />
There moves colide and they are equal.<br />
Sasuke: Mandikyoki Sharingan.<br />
Naruto: Toad Sage.<br />
They both enter there forms and are fighting even harder.<br />
Sasuke: Chidori blast.<br />
Chidori shots out from Sasukes hand.<br />
Naruto: Rasengan shuriken.<br />
The attack destroys the chidori and goes for sasuke.<br />
Sasuke: Fire style grand Fire ball Jutsu.<br />
Sasuke puts out the Rasengan.<br />
Naruto: How did that beat my Rasengan?<br />
Sasuke: Did you forget already Fire style is strong agenst wind style.<br />
Naruto: Demon Fox Eight tails.<br />
Naruto now has eight tails.<br />
Sasuke: Black flare Dragon sharingan.<br />
A dragon appears in Sasuke&#039;s eyes<br />
Sasuke: Super Amerkaratsu.<br />
A black flame shots out at Naruto and hits.<br />
Sasuke: He&#039;s dead. Only someon with the Sharengan could have surived That atack.<br />
The smoke clears.<br />
Sasuke: h How is this possible you can&#039;t be alive. What is that .Sharingan how can you use Sharigan.<br />
Naruto: Itahi Said to me &quot;I&#039;ve given you some of my powers&quot; so that&#039;s how<br />
Sasuke: I see. well It still doesn&#039;t mater because I&#039;m still stronger i just can&#039;t use the sharingan moves but then again I don&#039;t realy need them to beat you.<br />
Naruto: we&#039;ll see about that Sasuke. Now the real fight begins.<br />
<br />
Naruto gets serius.

by rg1115
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 309
Property: Naruto