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Daddy's Little Defect-Sasuke Uchiha-
&quot;Miku!&quot; Yelled my best friend, Sasuke from behind me.<br />
I turned on my heel and faced him. <br />
&quot;Hey Sasuke&quot; I greeted. He caught up to me almost at once. Today we have the day off from Kakashi-sensei&#039;s training.<br />
&quot;So, what are you doing today, Miku-san?&quot; Quizzed the young Uchiha. <br />
&quot;Um. Probably just walking around today... Why? Is there something you wanted to do?&quot; I asked.<br />
&quot;Uh, I&#039;d kinda like to spar with you today and then maybe go swimming with Naruto and Sakura.&quot; he said scratching the back of his neck. <br />
I smiled at him and nodded.<br />
&quot;Sure, I&#039;d love to!&quot; I assured him. <br />
~At The Training Fields~<br />
&quot;Are you ready?&quot; I asked with an evil grin.<br />
Sasuke nodded tentatively. <br />
I came at him with a few drop kicks and a punch in the shoulder. Then I jumped back and gathered my chakra in my hand.<br />
&quot;Lightning Blade!!!&quot; I yelled.<br />
That&#039;s right. I was taught by Kakashi, my father(In the story Kakashi is 29 and it&#039;s not Shippuden.)<br />
Sasuke flew back and hit a tree. Knocking the wind out of him. I realized I had gone too far.<br />
&quot;Oh, Sh-&quot; I got cut off by Sasuke&#039;s shriek of pain. I ran to him and swiftly ran my hand over his body, healing him. His scream came to an immediate halt. Then he looked up at me with his big, gorgeous, onyx eyes.<br />
&#039;What am I thinking, I can&#039;t like him... It would ruin our friendship... yeah. I can&#039;t... Can I?&#039; I thought. Sasuke must&#039;ve noticed me deep in thought because he said something I didn&#039;t hear.<br />
He got up when I was sitting on my knees beside him. <br />
&quot;Hey.&quot; He said snapping me out of La La Land.<br />
&quot;Huh!&quot; I said loudly.<br />
&quot;Let&#039;s go swimming now, Sakura and Naruto are waiting for us...&quot; Sasuke said. I nodded and got up to go back to my house to get my bathing suit. I put it on and pulled my t-shirt and shorts on. <br />
I walked to the swimming whole and heard playful yelling and splashing. <br />
I saw Naruto and Sakura already there. Sasuke was at the edge of the water in his Dark Blue swimming trunks. <br />
Shyly I peeled off my t-shirt and shorts to reveal my thin body in only a small Black and Burgundy bikini and showed my tattoo of the dragon twisting around my torso with the head on my neck and the claws on my shoulders, the tail began at my belly button.<br />
Sasuke looked at me with wide eyes and red cheeks. So didn&#039;t Naruto. Sakura looked at me normal, with hatred. <br />
I walked into the cold water and swam around. Sakura splashed me... Non-Playfully.<br />
&quot;Stupid girl. It&#039;s not enough you have to be bestfriends with Sasuke but you have to wear THAT?!&quot; She yelled<br />
&quot;It&#039;s not my fault. It was a gift and it&#039;s the only one I have!&quot; I protested.<br />
&quot;Sakura, Leave Miku alone!&quot; Sasuke ordered getting closer to me and putting an arm around my waist.<br />
&quot;Yeah, Sakura, if your going to be jealous go somewhere else!&quot; Said Naruto.<br />
&quot;Fine! Have fun with her!&quot; She said Begrudgingly and ran out of the water and walked away.<br />
&quot;Stupid Girly Girl&quot; I said and went under the waterfall. <br />
Behind the waterfall was a secret place. A cave I guess you could say. <br />
I got halfway away from the entrance until I heard a splash from behind me. Sasuke was coming in.<br />
&quot;What happened to Naruto?&quot; I asked.<br />
&quot;I told him you weren&#039;t coming out and he left&quot; Sasuke said with a smirk.<br />
&quot;So.... It&#039;s just you and I?&quot;I asked<br />
<br />
.....To Be Continued

by adrenalineXlove
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 241
Property: Naruto